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Burnside High School students are the citizens of tomorrow – a tomorrow which will look very different to today.

Career paths in our very near future, and the skills required for them, will be vastly different from today. However, the qualities which form our school culture will remain essential – in particular, those of personal excellence and care for others.

Academically, Burnside’s achievements are outstanding. Our students are taught to strive for excellence, and I see this reflected in the high proportion of independent scholarships achieved each year.

As one of the largest secondary schools in New Zealand, we provide an exceptionally wide range of opportunities, so that we are engaging, challenging and supporting students to achieve their aspirations.

Our size enables us to do this within a unique divisional structure, creating smaller, caring and nurturing environments where we can know and support each of our young adults as an individual.

Every student has the ability to achieve excellence for themselves. A Burnside education cultivates the discovery and extension of these abilities.