Canterbury Road Race

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Canterbury Road Race

May 8, 2023

We had an amazing day out at Hagley Park for the Canterbury Secondary Schools Road Race on Monday, 08 May.

We had the biggest Road Racing team in my time at Burnside High School with 48 athletes competing. The students all gave it their all and were an amazing group to have representing the school. 

Our top performer was Ben Lough 9SOSC who was 3rd in the Year 9 Boys Race.

Other top ten finishers were Erica Lowe 10NRSS in the Under 16 Girls Race (10th) and Joy Chiles 9WFSL in the Year 9 Girls Race (9th).

Our Year 9 Boys team (Ben Lough 9SOSC, Hosea Wood 9WPPK, Charlie Brown 9WFSL and Lukas De Wit 9NHLC) came 2nd overall.

Our Year 9 girls team (Joy Chiles 9WFSL, Miriam Lemon 9SOSC, India Pateman 9SOSC and Lilyann Lim 9SOSC) placed 3rd, along with our Under 16 Boys (Oskar Koontz 10WWTA, Daniel Fullerton 10WDNK, Shannon Rochester 10NSYA and Olly Upjohn 10NMSG) who also placed 3rd.

A great day out for all our athletes! 

Congratulations and thanks to all involved.

Sandra Pooch
TIC Road Race/Cross Country

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