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Burnside High School is a successful and highly regarded school. Being one of the largest secondary schools in New Zealand affords our students a wealth of opportunities in all aspects of their learning. Burnside High School is a safe and friendly place to be, where learning, excelling and reaching potential is emphasised and celebrated. We are committed to educating the whole person. Our school culture — personal excellence and care for others — underpins our success. All learning experiences, whether inside or outside of the classroom, aim to engage, challenge and support students.

Vision and Values


We want every Burnside High School student to:

  • be a culturally-inclusive, involved citizen; and a life-long learner who is self-managing flexible and resilient
  • be able to develop to their full academic, creative, sporting potential; and to give service to others
  • become a caring citizen who builds positive, supportive and respectful relationships in both the school and wider community

And we feel they can achieve these by living our BHS values:


be respectful – to everyone and the environment


have pride – in yourself, our school and community

be respectful – to everyone and the environment


strive to excel – in learning and in life


Personal excellence and care for others. Our diversity is our strength and a source of pride. It means that we respect, understand and celebrate the things that make each of us unique. By nurturing wellbeing and relationships, we create real connections – and the result, inevitably, is personal excellence.


To provide a safe, positive inclusive learning environment where students attain the knowledge, skills and personal qualities to choose the right pathway in life.

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