With over two thousand five hundred students, Burnside High School is one of the largest schools in New Zealand, yet each student is known and supported as an individual. Our unique ‘Divisional Structure’ and our extensive pastoral network ensure that Burnside High School provides a caring and nurturing environment for our students.

The size of our roll means that students each join one of three unique divisions. During their first four years at high school, they will remain with this division, and their own principal, deans, form teachers and guidance counsellor.

At Year 13, all students join the senior division. Here, they quickly form a strong identity of their own, providing strong, school-wide leadership as they make their transition into adulthood.

The benefits of this division structure are two-fold. Students reap all of the advantages and opportunities of a large school, while enjoying the sense of identity and security within their own smaller division.

When students are comfortable in their school environment, and respected, trusted and valued, they are engaged and better prepared to learn.

We expect a lot of today’s high school graduates. Aside from the traditional skills of literacy and numeracy, today’s school leavers must be critical thinkers, adaptable, collaborative, self-managing, and creative.

To get them there, we believe in supporting the growth of the whole person. We do this by creating a safe, inclusive environment with quality teacher/student relationships. The young people who come to Burnside are treated not only as learners, but as people; individuals each with their own set of needs.

By engaging, challenging and supporting students to raise their aspirations and develop their talents, we grow strong interpersonal skills and improve all-round achievements.

When students, teachers and family are working together, students are more engaged and success flows. Teenagers – perhaps more than ever – need their families involved in their education.

We encourage this. When families are well informed about what is happening at school, we know that makes a real difference to their children’s progress.

Parents and whanau of Year 9 students will get to know the Divisional team early in the first term. As students progress through the school, parents are invited to information evenings about topics relevant to the year group.

Parents have access to the Parent Portal, our web portal for important school information such as the school calendar, timetables, attendance records, and student progress reports.