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2020 Yearbook


Personal wellbeing and mental health are very important to a healthy life. Find out how to stay happy, healthy and safe as an international student in New Zealand. read more

Asian Family Services

Our Mission: Working with Asian families and communities to be healthy and resilient 我们的服务主旨 携手亚裔家庭,共建和谐社区 私たちの目標:アジア人家族やコミュニティーの健康と、回復に向けて 우리의 사명: 행복한 아시안 가정, 건강하고 활기찬 공동체 read more

Need ESOL Help? Go to I6 on Wednesdays at 8:15am-9:10am for ESOL tutorials

read more

Newsletter link read more

UC - International Scholarships - learn how to increase your chances

Below is a link to a webinar run by University of Canterbury. It will contain information on how to apply for international scholarships. It is free to join. read more

Ski or Snowboard at Porters in July holidays...

Includes - transport there and back, skis/snowboard & boots, ski clothing if needed, free lesson for learners, 2 dinners, bed and breakfast, supervision at accommodation and on mountain - Come to International office to find out more. Full article attached below. read more

International Department WeChat Access

Here you will find daily posts on matters relating to Burnside High School in Mandarin for our Chinese community. read more

Promo Video including Burnside High School 'talent'.

Our very own super star talent, Jenny Son and Adam Shen spent two days with a crew of photographers and videographers making the attached video. read more

Lincoln University Open Day for International Students

For those International students interested in learning more about Lincoln read more