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The Sports Department along with Teachers in Charge, coaches, managers and parents all devote time, energy and expertise to ensure that BHS students have many exciting sport codes to choose from. There are currently over 45 sports on offer across a range of different grades.

Winning is not everything

Regardless of whether the goal is to win, learn new skills, make friends or just have fun, there is definitely something for everyone. Our students compete with distinction locally and nationally. We encourage and support both participation- orientated athletes and elite athletes.

More Opportunities

Our students are offered the opportunity to participate in a number of winter sports, ranging from the more traditional sports like Netball, Hockey, Football, Basketball and Rugby, through to Road Cycling, Fencing, Table Tennis, Squash and Snow Sports. Trials for these sports are usually held at the end of February/early March.

During the summer terms, the students are able to enjoy playing a large selection of sports including core sports like Cricket, Volleyball, Rowing, Touch, Tennis, Water Polo and Softball. We also offer the opportunity to take part in less traditional summer sports such as Mountain Biking, Multi Sport events and Futsal. Summer sports trials are held the first few weeks of Term 1.

All year round there is an opportunity for the students to learn new sports such as Pistol Shooting , Archery, Canoe Polo, and to compete in Equestrian events.

Sports at BHS

Burnside High School has a proud tradition of competing in both the Secondary Schools Winter and Summer Tournaments at a National and South Island level. Students are also able to represent the school in Swimming, Athletics, Gymnastics and Golf. The school Swimming Sports and Athletic Sports are held in early Term 1. Students who perform well in their chosen events are selected to compete at a regional level, where they can go on to earn a place at South Island and National events. In Term 2, the students take part in the school Cross Country, and again they can, and often do, go on to represent the school in regional and national Cross Country events.

All sports are played across a variety of days and times, and these will be determined by the team that your child plays for. For further information about our extensive sporting opportunities, please refer to the Sport Handbook.

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