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At Burnside High School, students are offered numerous opportunities to build the understanding and skills of leadership. Leadership roles advance as students transition through the school, helping to recognise the growth of students towards being the leaders of tomorrow.

2023 Heads of School


Max Wallace


Gabrielle Hampton


Ameya Raut


Vicky Wijaya

Leadership Roles at Burnside High

School-wide Leadership Roles

The Student Council serves to support charity initiatives and to be the voice of our wide and diverse student body. The student council is composed of two representatives from each year level and division, as nominated by the student body. In the past the student council has run many successful fundraising events, with can drives for the Salvation Army, as well as reviews into areas of improvement around the school.

Junior Leadership Roles (Year 9-11)

The Burnside High School Junior Leadership Programme recognises that leadership is a process which occurs at all levels and stages. Junior students have the opportunity to nominate leaders from within their Form Classes for each of the four areas: Social and Communication, Arts, Sports and Values. These leaders meet on a regular basis, with the support of senior students and teachers, to encourage participation, co-ordinate events and make a positive difference within the school.

Senior Leadership Roles (Year 12/13)

Every Year 9-12 student at Burnside High School belongs to one of three divisions: North, South or West. Each year, and within each division, twenty Year 12 students are selected as Divisional Prefects. In this role, they are provided with the opportunity to lead the division, running events and assemblies, and helping to foster a unique divisional spirit.

Finally, our Year 13 Students are provided with the opportunity to be the leaders of the school. Leadership opportunities include Head Prefects, Sports Council, Arts Council, Wellbeing Leaders, Academic Leaders, and Student Support Prefects. Our Student Support Prefects are a unique feature of our school, with Year 13 students placed within a Year 9 or 10 form class, providing an invaluable experience in team building for their future endeavours, and having a significant, positive impact on our Junior Students.