Membership is automatic for all parents/whanau of students attending Burnside High School, and teachers working at the school. Everyone is welcome to our meetings! These are held in the Burnside High staffroom unless otherwise stated.

Our purpose

To provide a link between the student, parent/whanau, and the school, and to foster a sense of school community.

Our objectives are:

  • To actively promote interaction between parents & teachers, school management, and the Board of Trustees.
  • To provide educational opportunities for parents in relation to their student’s development.
  • To use the PTA funds to provide improved facilities and opportunities for the school community.
  • To provide the opportunity for parents to have a voice.

The PTA is involved with:


  • Volunteering in the library.
  • Aiding the management of the unnamed lost property.
  • Providing refreshments for teachers at parent/teacher evenings.
  • Arranging educational speakers for our meetings.

PTA funds come from the voluntary annual PTA donation that appears on your school invoice. These funds are given to worthy school projects and the PTA welcomes suggestions for the expenditure of these funds.  Remember this donation is tax-deductible.

Additional funds are raised by the sale of new and second-hand uniforms.  This money goes to support the graduation ceremony and other projects at the school. PTA volunteer expenses, speakers and hospitality.

The PTA does not undertake any other fundraising.

Chairperson: Matt Darnbrough

Secretary: Rebecca Matheson

Treasurer: Sally McMorran

Uniform Shop Co-ordinator: Jema Tuazon-Nartea

Correspondence & Funding Liaison: Rebecca Matheson

Please contact us if you are interested in filling any of these voluntary roles:

  • Uniform Shop volunteer
  • Helper for lost property clear-out
  • Library Volunteer
  • Committee Member

If you would like to contact us email