Our International Office is staffed by a caring and professional team who are dedicated to looking after our International students. In addition to the International staff, students are also cared for and guided by our Divisional Deans.  Divisions (North, South, West and Senior) are staffed by 11 Deans, four Divisional Principals and four Counsellors. This number of carers ensures that our students are well supported throughout their time here at Burnside High School.  

International Student Leaders, sometimes referred to as Buddies, are also an important part of the support network.  These 21 students are selected on merit and act as big sisters and big brothers to our International students.  They perform countless tasks throughout the year in an attempt to make the transition to New Zealand as seamless as possible.  

International Staff

Craig Rosengrave
International Student Director

Sue Warnock
International Student Administrator

Kerrie Dillon
International Accommodation           Co-ordinator/Receptionist

Orientation Programme

When arriving in a new country and city it is important that students are given a good introduction to school life so that they feel confident and comfortable in their new environment. Students arriving at the beginning of Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4 have an Orientation Programme which includes essential information and support.

Homestay Programme

One of the most exciting experiences of living in a different culture is having the chance to live with a New Zealand family or homestay. Homestay families are usually close to the school – either a short bus ride or within walking distance, and are chosen carefully by our Homestay Manager who visits the family.  There are a lot of advantages for students living in a homestay, including getting to know and understand New Zealand culture and improving their English.

If there are any problems in a homestay it is our policy to work through things with the family and student until the problem is resolved and the student and family are happy.

Click here to view our Homestay Guide.

International Activities

Frequently we have events organised by our International Leaders (Buddies). These include the Welcome Picnic, Pizza and Movie Night, and sports events. The events are free for international students and are a great way to make new friends and spend time with students from other cultures.