YEAR 9 2023

Nau mai haere mai ki te Kura o Waimairi-iri

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new cohort of Year 9 students and their whānau as you look to begin your journey at your new school in 2023. Whether you are the first of your whānau to be part of this community, or whether you’re following the footsteps of older siblings or your parents, we know your experience here will be special and unique to you. The links below provide you with a range of information about the activities, events and requirements which will help you prepare for day one as you transition into Burnside High School.

Blended e-Learning at Burnside High School

We believe there are valid reasons for adopting an e-learning approach to teaching and learning and these are supported by educational research. They are:

  • it enables students to collaborate and connect with each other and the wider world to a much greater extent than formerly
  • it encourages critical thinking and allows greater access to information and resources
  • learning can take place anywhere and at any time, and student motivation and engagement are improved
  • it supports the way that an increasing number of our students learn and therefore it improves student outcomes
  • it allows for more personalised learning that meets the cultural, individual and developmental needs and interests of each student
  • NZQA are now offering some NCEA assessment online

What We Recommend

To enable students to get full benefit from the e-learning opportunities we offer, we highly recommend that students bring their own device, we highly recommend either a laptop or as the minimum requirement a Chromebook for Year 9 and 10 because they have been found to be reliable, fast and effective when used in our learning spaces.

Ipads are not recommended and laptops should have 8GB RAM minimum.

Students will need to be able to:

  • have access to anytime, anywhere learning opportunities and resources
  • can communicate and share their learning on-line as well as transferring that learning across subjects and between school and home.

If you are looking at purchasing a device for next year, we recommend:

  • Cyclone Computing,
  • Harvey Normans
  • Noel Leemings,
  • Office Max and
  • PB Tech.

We deal with these companies through normal school business, and believe they are able to provide, quality information, service, technology, and ongoing support.

They can all be accessed either online or via the shop floor.