Burnside High School is a centre for academic excellence — reflected in its strong expectations of students and staff, emphasis on high quality teaching practices and in the outstanding achievements of many of the students. The large school roll of around 2,400 students enables it to provide an extensive, diverse and specialised curriculum.


English for Speakers of Other Languages

The ESOL Department provides English language support for over 250 students at Burnside High. After pre-entry English language testing, new students are placed in any one of a number of programmes which provides maximum language support at foundation level, to National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) classes. The classes at senior ESOL level cater for students who intend to follow an academic pathway and continue on to tertiary education. The teachers in the Department have trained and specialise in the teaching of ESOL.

English at Burnside High School involves both literature and language studies. Students are encouraged to appreciate and enjoy texts in all their forms: novels, poetry, plays and film. Developing reading, writing and communication skills is fundamental to each course of study. There are a range of courses available to enable every student to reach his or her potential in English, and, in doing so, prepare them to make a positive contribution to our global society.



This programme is best suited to International Students who enrol at Burnside for about 6-12 months who already play an instrument/sing and wish to be taught by and work alongside passionate musicians. Often two Music classes are taken as part of the academic timetable (no cost). Musical instruments can be borrowed from the school (subject to availability), brought to NZ by the student (preferred) or hired from an external provider. Hiring usually costs about $60 per month and there can also be courier costs involved. Private lessons are mandatory for all IMP students. Lessons take place on campus or at the music teacher’s studio and cost between $60 and $80 per hour or $30/40 for 30 minutes. IMP students are encouraged to participate in the Music Department’s co-curricular programme. There are many groups to choose from, some of which are auditioned, others open to all e.g: Six different choirs, including all female, all male and mixed voices at both senior and junior levels, Symphony Orchestra, Big Band, Concert Band and Funk Band. Entry into the Orchestra and Big Band depends on the instrument played and available places for that instrument. Application to the IMP is by audition. Please send a video of a recent performance and, if selected, we will reserve you a place.

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