December/January/February Uniform Shop Opening Hours

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Regulation Uniform Year 9 2023

The new uniform is an inter-seasonal capsule uniform – which means it can be worn at all times of the year, using a variety of combinations. We have also introduced a lavalava and a headscarf, to better reflect our cultural diversity.

Compulsory 2023 YEAR 9 Uniform range

The regulations include compulsory purchase of:

• Blazer

• Tie

• Soft Shell Jacket

• One or more items of knitwear

Please click here for more information regarding the NEW Year 9 2023 Uniform

Regulation Uniform Year 10-12 2023

Burnside High School operates under a gender-neutral uniform policy. There is no girls’ or boys’ uniform. Students may choose to wear the ‘fitted’ or ‘non-fitted’ uniform options, regardless of gender. Please note some uniform items are seasonal.

The Summer Uniform is compulsory for all students year 10 – 12

  • During Term 1 – until such time as the Principal deems it too cold (normally from mid to late March) when the Winter Uniform will apply
  • During Term 4

The Winter Uniform is compulsory for all students year 10 – 12

  • Once the Principal deems it too cold to stay in Summer Uniform (normally from mid to late March)
  • During all of Term 2 and Term 3
  • For all formal occasions, such as Prize Giving

Physical education uniform is compulsory for all Year 9 and 10 Students. Students in Year 11 and Year 12 Physical Education classes may choose, but are not required, to wear the BHS Physical Education uniform.

The BHS Uniform Shop stocks new and second hand uniform items. Hours –

  • Every Monday at lunchtime , 1.00pm – 2.00pm (during term time)
  • Every Tuesday, 2:45pm – 4:00pm (during term time)
  • Contact: Julie Cook (Ph 358-8383)

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